Our Strategy & Typical Process
•  An initial phone consultation, where we can get a feel for
   each other, and schedule an initial asessment and mini-session.
•  During the initial assessment we will poke our noses into,
   well, pretty much everything, to determine what your
   situation is, see how you relate to your "stuff", and talk
   about your needs; together, we will clarify your goals and
•   We will then have a hands-on mini-session so that you can see      how we work and get a feel for whether or not we are a good
    fit with one another.
•   We will then propose a plan of action for going forward and
    different ways of structuring the relationship and payment.
•.  We get to work!

For Businesses
Using a Professional Organizer offers you the freedom to devote your time to activities that are more productive and more meaningful to you and  your bottom line, without neglecting those that are a necessary part of every day life and/or running a business.
We will design systems tailored to your specific situation; ones that you will be easily able to maintain on your own, or that we can maintain for you.  Our work together will be completely confidential with the added assurance that someone is looking out for your best interests.
You get all the benefits of hiring an employee without the expense and potential aggravation.

For Individuals
In addition to devising solutions specific to your needs, and teaching you how to maintain them (or we can do that for you if you prefer), we can also be your advocate in dealing with and resolving any problems that may arise such as with bills or insurance claims.
Not only will you gain time, you will have less frustration to deal with, and the increased peace of mind that comes with knowing your affairs are in order.

What to Expect
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It will take longer
you expect
It will cost more
you thought
We will discover things
along the way
that we had not considered
What to Expect
There are only three things you can do with any piece of paper
Get rid of it !
(toss, recycle or shred)
Act on it !
(then get rid of it)
Keep it !
How We Typically Work with You
Phone: 520-498-9928